Welcome to Puzzle Builders

We are located in South Florida serving all of Miami Dade County and are currently providing home, school and community based ABA services.

ABA Therapy

Our goal is to help reduce problem behaviors by increasing behaviors that will help our children become more self-sufficient adults.

Small Group Therapy

We also teach children about basic human values such as honesty, kindness, generosity, courage, freedom, equality and respect.

Parent Training

We understand that parents need support too. We train parents on the same techniques we use during therapy session to help handle difficult behaviors.

On-the-go Therapy

Yes We Travel! Services can we provided where it is most convenient for our client, whether its at school or home, we will be there!

Our Mission

Puzzle Builders is a group practice of behavior analysts who have come together to provide the most effective, affordable and evidence-based ABA services in South Florida. At Puzzle Builders, our mission is to provide the most individualized and effective ABA treatment for children with Autism and other related developmental disabilities. With a combined 25 years of experience, our primary goal will always be to put the child’s needs first and create behavioral programming that will enhance both their lives and that of their families. Puzzle Builders specializes in tailoring behavioral interventions to the specific needs of the child and uses evidence-based procedures and treatments derived from the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. As a team, we feel very strongly that every child has the ability to learn and it’s our role as behavior analysts to find the best way to make that possible and make sure that our children become as independent as they can be. The therapy procedures vary depending on the child’s needs and abilities; however, the goal is always the same: create programming that teaches skills, reduces maladaptive behaviors and provides training opportunities for the family. Here at Puzzle Builders, it is our belief that every child and family should have access to quality ABA therapy and it is our goal to educate and reach as many families as we can.

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Meet our Therapists

Our staff is led by board-certified behavior analysts with 25 years of experience.

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There needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child can do, instead of what he cannot do.

- Dr. Temple Grandin